Magnetic Grate-square Shape Series

Country of Origin:
China, Taiwan
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Detail Specifications

Magnetic grates are used in bins,chutes,drawers and hoppers. They are designed to remove ferrous metal and tramp iron from free-flowing materials such as plastic,foods,cosmetic,grains and minerals.

Max magnetic strength 12000Gs
1.Frame and tube material is 304 or 316L stainless steel.good corrosion resistance and no pollution.
2.Standard mangetic grates are assembled with stainless steel frame and 25mm diameter round bars.
3.The frame and magnetic bar surface can be fine polished and full welded to meet food grade or phamacy application.
4.Standard working temperature working temperature from to 80 ºC to 360 ºC is also available.
5.Nomal item(N style), Easy-cleaning(E style), grate with angle baffles or rod are available.