Rubber Magnets

Country of Origin:
China, Taiwan
Payment Condition:

Detail Specifications

1. Rubber magnet substantially is a composite material as it combines ferrite magnetic powder and compound rubber. Due to its characteristics, rubber magnet can be easy to make in any complicated shape such as round, plate, strip, tube, etc. Unlike ferrite magnet which is normally fragile against to shock, rubber magnet is flexible, and uneasy to break and crack. It can be manufactured in proper flexibility and cut into any size with knife or scissors to meet customer's specific requirement. For an inquiry for rubber magnet or resin magnet, technical details such as magnetic force, flexibility are requested to include.

2. Rubber magnet, though belonging to Anisotropic type, has better properties than isotropic and are available in sheet, rectangle strip, etc. Superior rubber magnet is very suitable for using in motor and general appliances like door catch, reed-switch.

3. Applications:
* Gasket
* Door catch
* Reed-switch
* Stationery ware
* Health items
* Promotion items