Rotary Grate Magnetic Separator

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Detail Specifications

Suitable for removing iron scrap or micro ferromagnetic contaminnation from powery or granule materials, especially from high viscosity or poor fluidity materials that is prone to caking or bridging. widely used in building, they are materials, chemical, coal, food, refractory, pharmacy, etc.

1. Quick detachable design for magnetic grate means easy disassembling, cleaning and reassembling.
2. The Max magnetic strength can reaches 12,000GS. Standard working temperatrue ≦80℃, Max working temperature up to 350℃ if needed.
3. The quantity of magnetic bar can be increase or reduced according to the materiakls.
4. Square chute or round pipeline flange is available for different connections.
5. Rotating magnetic bar can prevent the material from caking and bridging