Hump Magnets

Country of Origin:
China, Taiwan
Payment Condition:
T/T, L/C

Detail Specifications

Hump Magnets are used to remove large pieces of tramp iron as well as ferrous fragments from gravity-flow materials or material flow activated by wind in enclosed flow lines before they reach storage bins or processing equipment. They can be mounted in spouting lines or on the processing machines.

1.One separation unit plate magnet.
2.Magnetic plate can be made from rare earth magnet or ferrite as customer's request, housing material can be 304 or 316 stainless steel.
3.The angle shape directs the material flow into the magnetic field and prevent building up and bridging and also break up clumps of produst to improve efficiency of separator. 4.Simple structure to, easy cleaning and assembling.
5.Special requirement can be custom made.