Suspended Plate Magnet

Country of Origin:
China, Taiwan
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Detail Specifications

Suspended Plate Magnets are designed for effective tramp metals extraction from the high volume material by installation above Conveyors. Using big size ferrite and properly designed configuration ensure the tramp iron can be taken from thick layer material flow by heavy duty plate. For fine metal powders in thin layer material flow, light duty plate made of rare earth magnet is available also.
Supplied with deep mounting tapped holes in the back of plate or four eye bolts, these plate magnets can be rigidly mounted with threaded bolts or suspended by eye bolts using cable or chain systems.
Plate magnet can remove tramp iron such as Bolts, Nuts, Bits of Wire, Nails and other casual impuritues from free flowing materials, like gravel, corn, sugar, plastic, flour and other granular materials in the conveying co use.