Magnetic Coolant Cleaner

Country of Origin:
China, Taiwan
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Detail Specifications

Magnetic Coolant Separators/Magnetic Coolant Cleaners are ideal to remove ferrous particles from the coolant to extend working life of the grind wheel and tool, improve quality of product's surface, save cost by reusing coolant. The system is widely used in the field of machining and grinding process.

Specifications Features:

1. Surface material is 304 or 316L stainless steel, can work in hard condition with good corrosion resistance.
2. With high intensity magnets in a fully energized rotating drum, can continuously remove ferrous particles from the flow of liquid.
3. Magnetic strength can be about 2000Gs from economical ferrite magnets, up to 3000~4000GS also from powerful rare earth magnets.
4. Automatic operation to save labour cost. 5.Easy assembling with existing or new machines.